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ISBN: ISBN81-8339-065
Year: 2007


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Since the birth of India and Pakistan as independent dominion Kashmir has been in the news. It has caused four major wars between the two countries. On occasions it has attracted screaming headlines in national and international media and since 1989, it has seldom been out of headlines. It has been a hot subject for discussions with columnists, analysts and political commentators. Z.G. Muhammad columnist and political analyst has been a close watcher of Kashmir politics for past thirty years. In this book we bring out some of the columns written by the author over a period of time in various newspapers and journals. The book gives a kaleidoscopic view of Kashmir politics. It exposes the fads and fancies of some of Kashmir politician that have contributed to what is called as Kashmir Tragedy. It also brings out the faux pas of various Kashmir leaders that has immensely contributed to the prevailing political uncertainty in the state. It brings under sharps focus role being played by some India and Pakistan politicians that has been defeating peace in the region and depriving teeming millions of fruits of development.

The author in his columns has been revisiting the past with view to identify the future. This volume also identifies the role that situation has cast forthe new generation of Kashmir leadership.