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Year: 2012


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The history of Kashmir is a sad story,’wrote Josef Korbel in 1954. Since then nothing has changed, In fact, it has become sadder. With more agonizing and brutal stories added to it with every passing year, it is now one of the most scarlet histories of the subcontinent.In the contemporary history of this salubrious land that for centuries has been waxing even most prosaic lyrical, there are many important watersheds. For killing of one hundred sixteen school children in the age group of eight to twenty one the year 2010 will be part of major Kashmir narrative for centuries to come. The New York Times described the massive protests sparked after the killing of youth by men in uniform as ‘second intifada.’ Thousands of youth all over Kashmir for months converged on the streets raising full throat slogans for “azadi” and resorted to fighting batons and bullets with stones. The protest rallies and ding-dong battles between the troops and the youth attracted over two thousands columns and editorials in the international media. For the youth bidding adieu to guns and resorting to the most primitive weapon stones these protests have been a paradigm shift from “armed struggle” to the people’s uprising.