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War Cannot Dissolve or Resolve Kashmir

War Cannot Dissolve or Resolve Kashmir

PUNCHLINE War Cannot Dissolve The Kashmir Dispute Z .G. Muhammad Saturday morning, I woke up to many a disturbing news on the grapevine. From the Masjid door to  long waiting  at the bakers’ shop for hot loaves of traditional bread,   lots of news about frightening rattling of aeroplanes and helicopters  from 2 A.M in Srinagar, deployment of hundreds of additional companies’ of paramilitary troops in Kashmir to the mid-night  crackdown on the cadres of the Jamat-e-Islamia and other organization was making … Read entire article »

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Talks on Kashmir Under Shimla Agreement- And Modi’s Offer

Z.G. Muhammad India and Pakistan relations are once again on rocks. It is not a new phenomenon. Sixty seven years graph of relations between the two even at a cursory look shows that there are only a few crests and rest all troughs- some very deep. From ab initio dispute over future of Jammu and Kashmir has been at the centre of relations between the two countries. On 15 August 1947, the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir had denied to fall into the basket of either of the two dominions – India and Pakistan. From this date to 27 October 1947, when army from New Delhi ostensibly at the request of Maharaja Hari Singh at Srinagar airport it was an independent state. Despite the “fact and date of the Instrument of … Read entire article »

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