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Treaty of Amritsar De-legitimized- All Actions Thereafter Invalid?

  PUNCHLINE Britain’s Injustice To Kashmir   By Z.G. Muhammad     In our history, there are lots of gaps and missing links. That, in fact, have left scope for conjectures and befuddled our narrative. For the nations in the struggle, a candid narrative is very important for achieving their goal. Nonetheless, it is history that provides sinews to the narrative of a nation. To quote a top British historian George Macaulay Trevelyan author of “History of England:   “If one could make alive again for other people some cobwebbed skein of old dead intrigues and breathe breath and character into dead names and stiff portraits. That is history!” There is a need for breathing a fresh breath in our narrative by resurrecting our history from the cobwebbed pages of our history. This, I realized while filliping through pages … Read entire article »


Howard Schaffer’s Kashmir Connection

  PUNCHLINE Howard Schaffer’s Kashmir Connection By                                                                                                                         Z.G. Muhammad     Small obituary notes published inside newspapers sometimes tell a big story. On past Monday, a few Srinagar based newspapers carried a two-column story with dateline Washington headlined, ‘American diplomat Howard Schaffer passes away.’  The news about his death had been confirmed on Twitter by Richard Rossow, who is a senior fellow and holds the chair for Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies.   ‘Schaffer spent much of his 36-year career dealing with U.S. relations with South Asia. Most of the obituary notes read, ‘He had previously served as ambassador to Bangladesh, political counselor at American embassies in India and Pakistan. He was … Read entire article »

Muslim Leaders of Jammu and The Valley’s Apathy

      PUNCHLINE He Believed in Unity   By Z.G. Muhammad   Irrespective of our political beliefs and political affiliations, we as people are averse to remembering the sacrifices offered by our forefathers in the past. For our apathy towards the selfless leadership of the State that articulated the cause of the sufferings of the people from 1924, before the mighty powers we have failed to pass on the narrative to the generation next. This harsh reality about our failure not to pass on our story to the generation next, dawned on me some days back when two young journalists wanted to know about the availability of some authentic source material about the November 1947, Jammu holocaust- the worst ever in the history … Read entire article »

Kashmir Understanding “Peace of Weak” and “Peace of Brave”?

Kashmir Understanding “Peace of Weak” and “Peace of Brave”?

    Punchline Interlocution and ‘Peace of Weak” Z. G. Muhammad   It is an irony of sorts. Interestingly, for a good friend of mine, otherwise acquainted with Kashmir problem I have become bête noire – not that he does not like my looks but for his belief that while discussing ending of the seventy-year-old political uncertainty in the state, I more than often … Read entire article »

Understanding Attacks On Dignity of Kashmiri Women?

    Punchline History as Lodestar By Z. G. Muhammad   I am as clueless, as any other common Kashmiri about the shocking incidents that have been taking place for almost past two months all-over Kashmir. Some young journalist might have computed the number of incidents but I have almost lost the count.  Nonetheless, with every sunrise scores of questions haunt the public mind about who is attacking dignity and honor of the daughters of the land by scissoring their locks, chopping their braids and cutting ponytails of young girls. Who are these faceless people behind the heinous crimes of molestation? What is the objective behind targeting daughters of the land – the embodiment of resilience and resistance? For centuries … Read entire article »

LOC Violations: Don’t Kill Us For A Sport

LOC Violations: Don’t Kill Us For A Sport

  Punchline Don’t Kill Us  For A  Sport Z. G. Muhammad   Who named the line dividing Jammu and Kashmir for past seventy years as the bloody line?  Google, which responses to commands on smartphones like genies in old films also could not help me in finding an answer. Nonetheless, it is the most appropriate title given to this artificial line dividing not just … Read entire article »

Chidambaram Had Talked Sense To India’s Cabinet Committee On Security

Chidambaram Had Talked Sense To  India’s Cabinet Committee On Security

  PUNCHLINE Congress in Atonement Mood in Kashmir BY Z. G. Muhammad    Of late, the Congress leadership nearly out of the political wilderness has shot into prominence in Jammu and Kashmir. Notwithstanding, having ruled the state through proxies, governors, directly or in coalition for over sixty-six years, the party never got such an attention in the state as it has been getting … Read entire article »